Many of you may know that hotdogs have the reputation of being an unhealthy fast-food snack, easily found on any street corner of New York City. What you probably did not know is that they are also very common in Denmark, a little country also known for its use of wind-energy as a renewable power source.

Right in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark, near the city’s famous Rundetårn (round-tower), you will find a hotdog stand that revolutionized fast-food by serving all organic hotdogs – very appealing idea to the average hotdog-loving Dane.  The hotdog stand is developed and run by the innovative Dane, Claus Christensen.  “I made a product very many of us (ed. Danish people) like to eat, but many avoid because they know what it contains, or rather they do not know what it contains.  They can now satisfy their cravings here”, he states while explaining the reasons for the rapid success of The Organic Hotdog Stand since its opening in November, 2009.

While doing his bachelor’s degree in nutrition and health, Claus Christensen was convinced that a healthy alternative could be developed – a fast-food product that doesn’t compromise quality or health and is commercially viable.  You no longer have to avoid indulging in an occasional hotdog because these mouth-watering hotdogs are the result of his philosophy – a philosophy that many Copenhageners share. Claus Christensen gets all of his hotdogs from a Danish organic meat-company called “Hanegal”, with whom he is also developing the hotdogs to fit his concept and, most importantly, taste.  Claus Christensen specially selects the rest of the products from a wide range of organic suppliers to bring his whole concept together. (You will find facts about his products at the end of the article.)

A lot of European media has already mentioned Claus Christensen and The Organic Hotdog Stand, which has shown in the growing clientele of non-Danish hotdog eaters, counting German, Scandinavian and British tourists.  The Danish media considers him a living proof that it is possible to serve a healthier and organic fast-food product, maybe even a pioneer in revolutionizing fast food.  You find the evidence in the success of the hotdog stand and the amount of times he has been approached by Danish media to be a speaker of healthier fast food.

As for the future of The Organic Hotdog Stand, Claus Christensen hopes to perfect the organic hotdog concept to a point where he can expand his concept and have franchises all across Denmark, which he has already been asked about. He is presently continuing to develop and perfect his organic hotdogs, before he wishes to move on to that step that he believes could still be a year away.  Claus Christensen is currently also attempting to make his stand solar powered, making it environmentally friendly and completing the concept.

Could this concept be viable in other parts of the world, like it is in Copenhagen, you ask? Claus Christensens opinion is clear; “I think the potential is enormous, because all over the world people eat more and more meals prepared outside the household and that trend does not seem to be slowing down. At the same time, you see politicians and people in general working towards people eating healthier”.  Although he finds the potential enormous, he points out that he is currently focusing on the Danish market, but utters humorously, ”who knows, maybe in a couple of years a rich American would like to buy the concept”.  Claus Christensen believes that someday you may very well find an Organic Hotdog Stand in New York City so keep your eyes open.

As a fellow hotdog lover I feel obliged to recommend this to any person who shares my love for hotdogs: if you are going to Copenhagen and would like to try a typical Danish street snack yet always look for the healthier choice, this is the place for you.  It is fair to say that Claus Christensen’s hotdog stand is by far the best organic fast food you can munch on in Copenhagen.  Lets hope that Claus Christensen’s adventure is a beginning of a triumphant modernization of fast food, as we know it, not only in Denmark but perhaps in the rest of the world too.

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